Cloud Video Conferencing

high quality video conferencing from the device, location and Network of your choice.

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Video conferencing as a service

What is That?

Video conferencing as a service, or cloud video conferencing, is a service that lets you enjoy high quality video conferencing from the device of your choice, the location of your choice and the network of your choice. You can bring your worlds together on video – affordably and simply.

No infrastructure!

You can still connect on video using a video conferencing system, but you can also use a tablet device, a PC, a Mac or a smart telephone. No need to invest in additional infrastructure – just use what you have to hand and the rest is taken care of as part of the service.

The Future is Bright

With cloud video conferencing, you can enjoy a future-proof solution with no infrastructure upheaval or additional capital expenditure, a global network that ensures business grade video at all times and a flexible subscription model that lets you scale with ease.

Easy to use and manage

Scheduling, launching or joining a video meeting has never been easier, and is just a few clicks away with the meetonvideo web portal and App. As the organizer of the meeting, you’ll have your own control center to manage the meeting. If you’re an admin for your company, you’ll manage subscriptions and monitor usage.

See who you’re talking to

Whether it’s for a one-on-one, a team session or an all hands meetings, it’s always better to see the people on the other end. See your colleagues, partners or customers – wherever they may be on the planet. The service supports direct dialing between users as well as conference calls – with multiple participants.

Show and collaborate

With meetonvideo its easy to share a presentation, a spreadsheet or anything on a computer for all participants to see. The content will be displayed side-by-side with the image of the participants.

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